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Developer, Manager and Integrator of Modern Insect Farming Assets across Asia


black-soldier-fly-Hermetia-illucens (1).

At FeedWerkz, we believe in bringing the best of professional asset management and modern insect farming technology and know-how to sustainably feed the world's animals

We offer investors an attractive opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of insect farming technology and infrastructure assets, sound project finance with steady returns, and deep expertise in insect science and farm management for reliable investment in the alternative protein space, while supporting sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.

Other partners such as farm owners or feed companies may find interest in our Black Soldier Fly (BSF) products and related services.


We build and manage BSF farms for commercial use.

We do so by:

  • Undertaking fundraising and debt financing for project development

  • Acting as our clients' asset managers to run the waste management, bio-conversion and insect farming assets efficiently across their life-cycles 

  • Providing in-house integrated technology solutions to optimise farming operations and improve product quality

  • Purchasing the BSF product and tailoring them to different clients, from fisheries to livestock farms to pet food companies

These in turn generate reliable diversified returns to our investors.

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