About Us


FeedWerkz is a venture company under RENERGii Asia. 


We are an organisation, working with partners, who seek to ensure food security for future generations in spite of threats posed to climate change. As such, we aim to bring about a shift towards a sustainable method of animal feed production for affordable food prices and the prevention of global hunger. 

We seek to solve these problems...


Increasing Global Meat Consumption

As human population grows exponentially, global meat consumption is expected to double with rising income per capita.


Derived demand for animal feed thus increases. We cater to this increased demand.



Food Insecurity

A turning point in the global prevalence of undernourishment, the trend has started increasing back to 2012 levels of 11% in 2016, according to FAO, 2017.


This reversal is fuelled by rising violent conflict outbreaks and exacerbated by climate change.



Resource Scarcity

Future demand spike requires a further 66% increase in land use to meet the needs of current feed production.


We step in to make a climate-positive impact to ensure food security for the present and future.

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