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About Us


Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about creating a more sustainable future, and hold deep convictions that this can be done in a financially viable way.

Entomologists, farmers, innovators, finance and circular economy specialists, we came together around a common cause: how do we address the world's growing protein shortage, sustainably? A global plant-based human diet was great in theory, but insofar as there is still substantial demand for livestock, surely there were better ways than deforestation to grow more soy for animal feed. 

Insects seemed promising: highly versatile, nutritious, and potentially resource efficient - if reared on by-products and in warm climates. Here we were, situated in India and Singapore. What if we diverted organic waste from landfills and bio-converted it to feedstock?

Thus began our journey with FeedWerkz. Since incorporating in Singapore in 2020, we have set up our first organic waste collection facility in Indonesia and established farming facilities and an asset management presence in India. Our first customers are now taking our Black Soldier Fly product to develop nutritious alternatives to human-grade pet food - one of many uses!

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We seek to solve these problems...


Protein Needs

As human population grows exponentially, global meat consumption is expected to double with rising income per capita.

Derived demand for animal feed will increase. We aim to meet this demand with more sustainable sources.


Food Insecurity

After some initial improvement, global undernourishment has started increasing again since 2016.


Violent conflicts, supply chain challenges, inequalities from COVID-19 and extreme weather events have all added to the challenge of food insecurity. 


Resource Scarcity

Future demand requires a further 66% increase in land use to meet the needs of current feed production.


We step in to make a climate-positive impact with lower resource use in securing food supplies for the present and future.

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