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Our INDONESIA Partners

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Founded by the Viitasaari siblings, the company aims to create an environmentally sustainable future in the areas of renewable energy, waste management and resource restoration. With more than 10 years of experience in operations in Indonesia’s environmental and sustainability sector, their expertise will be crucial in facilitating operations distributed to Indonesia, cultivating relationships and partnerships with the necessary capabilities within both the political, administrative and industry sectors necessary to ensure the successful implementation of the operations in Indonesia


Paula is a Licensed Architect with a Masters Degree on Environmental Design specialised in green consulting mostly for Commercial and Industrial and Advance Technology Buildings. She has over 15 years of international experience first as a Designer Architect in Chicago, Madrid and Singapore and after as a Sustainability Specialist in London, Singapore, México and US. Now with Bambook, she is actively participating in the Green Development of South Lombok in Indonesia, where she designs and builds Sustainable Architecture. Our partnership with Paula allows our Indonesia facility in Lombok to be designed and built sustainably. This collaboration sees sustainability promoted not only at the end via products and services, but the start through the built environment of FeedWerkz.

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