Black Soldier Fly

The Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens, is a common fly of the family Stratiomyidae.


Found across all continents in the world, this insect is neither a pest nor a vector.

In fact, the Black Soldier Fly plays an essential role in decomposing organic waste and returning nutrients to the soil. It consumes voraciously organic waste and converts it to protein.


Containing high levels of protein and fats, the Black Soldier Fly provides a high-quality source of alternative protein that can substitute soybean meal and fish meal used in poultry and aquaculture feed. Other high-value bio-products are also derived.

Why Black Soldier Fly?

1. Can Be 

Bred Easily

  • Short life cycles & high reproductive rates

  • More cost-efficient

  • Up to 700 eggs laid per female

  • Only 14 days of feeding

2. Minimal Resource Consumption

  • Low feed conversion ratio

  • 200x less land needed than traditional livestock 

  • 2500x less water than cattle production

3. Better

Nutritional Properties

  • 2x more protein than in beef-equivalent 

  • Anti-microbial properties; able to inactivate disease-transmitting bacteria


Our Process

Our soldiers are reared, bred and harvested from organic waste, which are then processed into valuable bio-materials.



Organic Waste

(okara waste)

Black Solider Fly larvae (BSFL)









Whole dried

BSFL meal

BSFL meal

Black Solider Fly

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