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Our SINGAPORE Partners


JTC Corporation

JTC Corporation (JTC) is the lead agency in Singapore to spearhead the planning, promotion and development of a dynamic industrial landscape. With its pioneering cutting-edge industrial infrastructure solutions to meet the evolving needs of companies with each phase of industrialization, JTC has provided FeedWerkz with its expertise and support in infrastructure to develop its Singapore facility.




Mistletoe is a venture capital firm launched by serial entrepreneur Taizo Son in 2013. A strong believer in improving the ways urban dwellers live through technology and making green cities a reality, 80 start-ups in more than 10 countries have since been backed by $150 million from Mistletoe. Mistletoe has worked together with JTC in supporting FeedWekz in building its first-ever facility in Singapore.




National University

of Singapore





FeedWerkz's collaboration with the National University of Singapore, ranked 11th in the world's top university ranking, allows for scientific research into our protein technology to further enhance our products and services.  


FeedWerkz's partnership with one of Asia's best universities, the Nanyang Technological University has allowed us to work together with a strong contingency of scientists and researchers for R&D into product development and improvement .



Qian Hu Fish

Farm Trading

insect feed tech.jpg

Qian Hu Corporation is one of the leading ornament fish exporters in the region and Singapore, exporting to over 1000 species to more than 80 countries, accounting for over 15% of Singapore's exports. Providing a one-stop service ranging from farming, importing, exporting and distributing of ornamental fish, FeedWerkz's partnership with Qian Hu allows for sustainable aquaculture, minimizing its environmental impacts while meeting the needs of food security.


FeedWerkz's collaboration with IFT Singapore can expect IFT's expertise in the feed industry to be applied extensively when expanding FeedWerkz's operations in the industry while overseeing the local operations.


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