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Live BSFL Products

Refined & Enhanced BSFL Products



A high quality, affordable and sustainable alternative to the fishmeal and soymeal used in the market. Contains a large amount of essential amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that supports livestock and aquaculture growth. Available as whole or grinded.

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High-Value Blended Protein

An enhanced version of the original BSFL protein mixed with other high-value natural proteins to give rise to a higher crude protein level that is specially developed for the aquafeed industry.



Cold-pressed and extracted from our BSFL, it is a high quality, price stable, lower priced and sustainable substitute for animal fats or plant oil in animal feed, pet food and cosmetics. High in lauric acid, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties.



A mixture of larvae feces, exo-skeletons and feedstock remnants; a high in Nitrogen-Protein-Potassium (N-P-K) organic enhanced fertilizer that promotes healthy plant growth. 

Here at FeedWerkz, we enhance our products with our very own BSFL high-quality extracts.
We upcycle leftover insect exoskeleton to derive Chitosan and Glucosamine, achieving the goals of zero-waste & circularity in our process.


Chitosan is known to promote gastrointestinal health and ensure healthy liver and kidneys of both mammals and fish.

The addition of naturally-derived chitosan into BSFL meal makes it a more desirable choice than fishmeal, which contains toxic heavy metals originating from fish viscera.


Derived from the breakdown of chitin molecules, glucosamine can be produced by processing leftover chitosan.

Glucosamine is widely used in the nutrition and wellness industry to relieve osteoarthritis-related pain and joint stiffness by strengthening cartilage around the joints.

Taken as a pain relief medication for a degenerative joint condition, it is also beneficial to pets.

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