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At FeedWerkz, we custom-make every protein meal to our clients' feed requirements, be it aquafeed, poultry feed or pet food manufacturers.


Customised protein meal ensures perfection in substitution of fishmeal and soymeal currently used in the market. 

  • Crude Protein: > 40% 

  • Crude Oil: 4-19%

  • Available grinded 

  • US$ 0.54 - 0.74 /kg

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We offer a wet waste management solution, diverting waste away from the landfill and bio-converting it into a high-value product.

This urban waste management solution will be an essential component in tackling land scarcity issues, in which landfill space can be reduced and utilised for other development areas. Combating organic waste in landfills, which makes up 1/3 of the dump, methane generation can be reduced, simultaneously turning it into a valuable raw material in producing cheaper and more sustainable insect protein and its high-quality extraction derivatives.


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At FeedWerkz, we offer professional guidance by our local operations specialist to clients who are interested in setting up their own  BSF farms.


We have put in place an IoT based system, cloud-based data monitoring, and machine learning algorithms. These implementations allow us to optimize our growing and breeding conditions, maintain full supply chain traceability and security, continuously deepen our learning and improve the quality of our insect protein and oil. We thus bring in automation, precision, traceability, and modularity into insect farming, creating dependable and customisable high-quality insect protein and oil for our customers.